Happy Scents Blog

  • Soy Candle 101: Frosting

    Frosting is a natural characteristic of soy wax and it is one way that you can tell if your candle is really made with pure, all-natural soy wax. 

  • Guide to Reusing Happy Scents Candle Containers

    If you love candles as much as we do, you most likely have an overwhelming collection of containers piling up and you can’t bring yourself to throwing them away. No need to worry any longer about what to do with your growing collection of old candle containers sitting in the back of a cabinet. We have created the ultimate guide that covers everything from how to clean your containers to fun and useful ways to repurpose your containers.
  • How to Prevent Candle Tunneling

    How to Prevent Candle Tunneling and How to Fix Tunneling Candles
    Take the right measures to ensure a longer life for your favorite candles!
  • March into Great things with Me!

    March is my favorite month! Around this time each year I push myself to accomplish a goal that seems so big and intimidating.
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