Finding Your Happy Place: How to Make a Bathroom Spa in Your Apartment

Finding Your Happy Place: How to Make a Bathroom Spa in Your Apartment

Written by Carson Sperry
  • Embrace nature to nurture a more calming environment
  • Engage all of your senses to enhance your spa vibe
  • Bask in pure bathroom spa bliss at the end of each day

Whether you clock in from home, commute to an office or work odd hours in all sorts of different places, it's important that you take time each week to unwind, reduce the stress and reset your mind for another week in the rat race. While there are plenty of businesses specifically geared toward prioritizing your relaxation, many of these services come at a cost — often a confusingly high cost. Because of this, it's important to find creative ways to unwind that keep costs low and your stress levels even lower.

One surefire way to always have a relaxing place to retreat to at the end of a long day is to create a bathroom spa in your apartment. Now, you may think, "I rent my place, I can't turn my bathroom into something it isn't already." Fortunately for you, there are a number of simple methods you can easily implement to add a new level of calmness to even the smallest apartment bathroom.

Take a minute to read over the expert tips listed below, collect the necessary supplies and slip away into spa-inspired bliss every time you step foot in your bathroom.

1. Emphasize a natural feel

"Add some nature with a plant or two, says John Lang of Lang Kitchen and Bath. Make sure the plants are in a natural stone-like or wood planter. Next, place the plants in a corner or open space and add a small bed of rocks or stones around the planters. Your bath now has a natural spa feel."

2. Do what makes scents

Candles by the bath tub

"Create the perfect bathroom spa by lighting a natural soy candle to enhance the ambiance of the room," suggests Jamea Gray, owner of Happy Scents. "Use light and refreshing scents that promote relaxation, such as, lavender, jasmine and eucalyptus."

"Also, place a reed diffuser in the corner of your vanity to provide low maintenance and long-lasting scent throw throughout the day."

3. Embrace essential oils

Another scent-based method to achieving bathroom spa bliss comes from Rachel, a New York Times Best-Selling Author and founder of Yoga Girl.

"I suggest working with essential oils! A few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint on the floor of the shower in the morning will wake you up and help clear your sinuses so you can breathe easily for the rest of the day. "

"For an evening shower or bath, a couple of drops of lavender will help you release stress and get ready for bed."

"I also love working with nature. For a luxurious bathroom feel, bring in some fresh pine branches or a winter bouquet! Just remember to forage responsibly."

4. Prioritize purity

Bath Towels hanging

As a chemical and cruelty-free designer, founder of, Deborah DiMare always works to create an environment that promotes mental and physical wellness that is free from tragedy and despair.

"I highly recommend nature in all spaces and placing a lucky bamboo plant in your bathroom does the trick. Also, maintain good clean energy by ensuring that your towels and bathing products are cruelty-free and non-toxic to promote overall mental and physical health."

5. Lighten the mood

According to Melinda Reece, an ayurvedic health expert and panchakarma specialist, you don't have to do much to create a spa-like vibe in your bathroom.

"Cultivating a relaxing spa-like feel in your bathroom is simple and satisfying. Try dimming the lights, adding real plants, an essential oil diffuser and earth tones. Make sure to have soft, fluffy bath mats and remember a cozy robe to lounge in."

6. Don't skip the small details

Bathroom happy place. Large Tub.

"Don't underestimate the power of functional décor," urges Robin at Graceful Spaces, a boutique home organizing studio based out of Charleston, SC and Austin, TX.

"Swapping out your bottles for coordinating soap dispensers and replacing your plastic trashcan with an unassuming woven basket are simple and practical ways to bring more peace into your bathroom without compromising space."

7. Soak it up

"No matter the size of your space, it is essential that your bathroom becomes your own personal spa retreat." The team at VIBES Lifestyle suggests that you "Consider adding an aromatherapy diffuser to immerse yourself in the healing essence of your favorite essential oil remedies."

"Keep salt scrubs and soaks easily accessible for bath time. A Himalayan salt lamp is a perfect addition to wind down the evening. Perhaps even adding a few fresh flower petals to the water of your bath for ultimate relaxation."

Create your own calm

Stress Relief candle by the tub

Regardless of the square footage in your apartment, the color of your bathroom walls, the size of your tub or lack thereof or anything in between, you have options when it comes to creating a personalized and serene bathroom spa right in your apartment. From natural décor to relaxing scents and Himalayan salt lamps, the choice is yours and the only limitations are your imagination and your rental agreement.

Take advantage of a few of the tips listed above and enjoy your new retreat right there in the comfort of your own home.


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