March into Great things with Me!

March into Great things with Me!

March is my favorite month! Around this time each year I push myself to accomplish a goal that seems so big and intimidating. And typically by the time I make efforts to achieve my goal, there's a metamorphosis that takes place right around the time that the flowers begin to bloom and the weather starts to change. It's almost as if I've become a butterfly, and when I achieve my goal I feel even more free!



I challenge you to face something that seems like an obstacle in the way of your goal. Observe how the smallest efforts in reaching your big, intimidating goal will begin to liberate you-maybe you will notice a change as everything blooms. 

March into great things with me! 

Please share this post if you’re up for the challenge! Also, feel free to email me ( to let me know how you have overcome your obstacles and reached your goals! Great things are coming!




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