Scented Spring: Spring Scents to Rejuvenate Your Apartment

Scented Spring: Spring Scents to Rejuvenate Your Apartment

Published by Ryan Castillo

As nature awakens and blooms anew, springtime brings a number of fragrances that rejuvenate the senses. In this ApartmentGuide article, we will explore a variety of scents, from floral and fruity to earthy and exotic, offering expert tips and ideas for incorporating them into your apartment decor. So whether you're renting a townhouse in Denver, CO, or an apartment in New York, NY, join us as we discover the perfect scents to embrace the beauty and energy of spring in your home.

A soy wax candle

Desert bloom

Desert bloom is the perfect spring scent because it captures the essence of fresh, blossoming flowers and subtle earthiness, evoking the renewal and vibrancy of the season. 

“When it comes to spring scents, who doesn’t love something floral,” remarks Unhinged Craft Candles. “Desert Bloom is a cool scent that takes the aroma of cactus flowers and builds on some complexity with aloe vera freshness and patchouli earthiness. We’re based out of San Diego, CA, so we love how it fits the springtime floral theme with some native flavor.” 


Magnolia is the perfect spring scent because its rich, creamy floral aroma embodies the freshness of springtime blossoms. 

Ame Home Furnishings remarks, “Magnolia is a beautiful choice for a spring scent. Its delicate and sweet fragrance evokes feelings of freshness, renewal, and the awakening of nature after the cold winter months. The aroma of magnolia blossoms can transport you to a tranquil garden filled with blooming flowers, creating a sense of serenity and joy.”

“Magnolia and peony evokes the essence of spring's blooming flowers. This scent will create a delightful olfactory experience that embodies the beauty and freshness of the spring season,” shares Michelle of Abboo Candle Co.

Magnolia flower


Moonflower captures the enchanting essence of night-blooming flowers, adding a touch of magic to the season. 

Cottage Goods shares, “Moonflower allows you to dive into the enchanting aroma of moonlit florals. Whether you're looking to cozy up your home or set the mood for a relaxing evening, this scent is perfect for every occasion.”

Lavender and eucalyptus

Lavender and eucalyptus create a balanced atmosphere that perfectly aligns with the spirit of renewal and freshness in spring.

“One of my favorite scents for spring is lavender and eucalyptus,” notes Kobi Co. “Lavender, with its soothing, floral notes, brings to mind the serene lavender fields of early spring, while eucalyptus adds a clean, crisp undertone that enhances focus and clarity. Together, they create a refreshing and calming atmosphere, perfect for welcoming the newness of the season.”

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